Iowa Central Residence Hall 9B - Fort Dodge


Residence Hall 9B features 12 living units, each with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen area, and a living room.

The exterior design uses existing campus materials in a way that offers a subtle uniqueness for the building's location on campus. Views extend from the west windows all the way across campus along the campus loop road.

The challenging site is a small parcel of land bound on three sides by developed areas and a property line to the east. The footprint for the residence is designed with symmetrical living units and fits within the available site.

Project: New Residence Hall 9B, Iowa Central Community College
Location: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Architect: Allers Associates Architects, PC
Consultants: Twin Rivers Engineering
Contractors: Kolacia Construction, Inc. (general), Midstates Plumbing and Heating (plumbing and HVAC), Nelson Electric (electrical)
Completed: June, 2017
Area: 17,005 s.f.