Simulation Lab - Iowa Central Community College


A joint venture between Iowa Central Community College and UnityPoint – Trinity Regional Medical Center (TRMC) brought the simulation lab to reality.

Located on the top floor of TRMC, the simulation lab contains the primary elements of a hospital within a controlled teaching environment. Sophisticated computerized manikins are the patients. Teaching staff control the manikins from observation rooms behind one way glass. Staff create real life medical situations and can have the manikins react to a student’s actions.

A mock apartment unit, ambulance, and ER room are available for local EMT training. Pediatrics, OB, and ICU patient rooms are also available. Cameras record the events in real time. Afterwards students can meet in classroom spaces and replay the scenarios to discuss what happened.

Project: Simulation Lab, Iowa Central Community College and UnityPoint - TRMC
Location: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Architect: Allers Associates Architects, PC
Consultants: Twin Rivers Engineering
Contractors: Kolacia Construction, Inc. (general), Midstates Plumbing and Heating (plumbing and HVAC), North Iowa Electric (electrical)
Completed: January, 2016
Area: 9,341 s.f.