Kiddie Cats Childcare - Dakota City


Butterflies, Bees, Ladybugs, Grasshoppers, Dragonflies, Owls, Ducks, and Eagles. Kiddie Cats is designed with 8 different childcare rooms. Each room plays with a wings theme and related color identity. Entrances to each room are marked with vertical color stripe identities assigned to the room helping smaller children with wayfinding.

The Childcare Center is designed to care for up to 107 children using a series of infant rooms, 2 and 3 year old rooms, and 3-4 year old rooms.

Kiddie Cats is a new facility with it’s own secure entrance and parking. The facility shares a secured connection hallway to Mease Elementary School allowing the Center to share food preparation space, indoor activity space (the gym), and playground.

Project: Kiddie Cats Childcare and Learning Center
Location: Dakota City, Iowa
Architect: Allers Associates Architects, PC
Contractors: Sande Construction, Inc. (general), Riley Armstrong (plumbing), Advanced Heating (HVAC), Davis Electric (electrical)
Completed: June, 2018